Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dental Season

I do not like dentists.  Oh, I'm sure they are fine people.  Outside of the office.  I'm just a baby and I don't like going.  The chair isn't comfortable, my mouth just doesn't open THAT wide, naturally, and I am always thinking of what I could be doing instead.

It's Dental Season here.  Meaning time for all of the children to have their checkup.  One. at. a. time.  Can't schedule too many, in case we cancel, you see - the dentist would have to take the day off.  So finally, today, I have the final appointment of this season.  Then we'll start it back up again in 4 months. Yes, they go every 6 months, but it takes so long to get finished, that we're already well on our way to the next...

Did I mention I don't like dentists?  At least he doesn't have teeth :)

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