Thursday, August 12, 2010


This is a really big year for us!

We have:

A birth
A 13th birthday
A 16th birthday
An 18th birthday
A High School Graduation
A 21st Birthday
A 60th Birthday (Paw-Paw)

We can't afford, and don't see the necessity of, a big birthday party each year, for each child.  We ARE a party in and of ourselves, and we do try to make each birthday special.

However, milestone birthdays are special, and we try to have special celebrations for those.  So, just adding to my busyness this year :)

We've been through half the list, so pictures will follow...

Catching up...

Well, that's what I get for saying "busiest week of the year, right?"  I've commented to several friends - I think this is the busiest summer I've ever had.  My dad had cataract surgery, so I worked at the restaurant for him for a few days.  My dad got sick, so I worked at the restaurant for him for a few days.  We found and bought a car for my grandmother.  We found and bought a car for my oldest son - he hasn't even had the opportunity to see or drive it yet, as he hasn't yet been able to come home.  Eye doctor appointments, dentist appointments, my oldest daughter's 18th birthday, and on and on it goes.

So, I have lots of pictures of some of the recent events and happenings here, and I'll make new posts for each.