Saturday, July 8, 2017

Waking the sleeping giant...

I cannot believe that it has been five years, but time stamps don't lie, right? How things have changed in this half decade...

Three children finished college and married:

Robert & Alyssa

Emily & Trevor

Mitchel & Emily

So many emotions in such a short time. I've miscarried two more babies, gained three "babies" via weddings, lol. I still have eight at home, with two graduating next spring. 

My dad's health caused him to need to retire, so I bought the diner. Some of the children work there, some have moved away, and some will work there in the future. I have big plans for that business - but they haven't been made public yet. 

That about brings us to today. There are bits and pieces to elaborate on, but those should be separate posts...see you soon. 

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