Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How I manage - Series

I've been toying with the idea of writing a series of posts, dealing with questions people often ask me, regarding how I manage different areas of my life.  I am super, super busy.  I've always heard that if you want something done, ask a busy person to do it, and apparently, others have also heard this.  You see, I never have a shortage of "requests" from folks to do things.  But I DO get them done. I came to the realization just this past weekend, that I am a servant at heart.  I love to do for people, and to make people happy.  You're going to think I am insane, and maybe I am, but I remember when I was dating my husband.  I would think to myself, I cannot wait until I can cook for him, and do his laundry. HA!  I really did think that way.  It's just how I'm made, apparently. 

I am a list person.  To-do lists, chore lists, written schedules, grocery lists, price lists, budgets, books to read lists, all sorts of lists.  I am great at helping others organize their lives - I just don't feel like mine is all that organized much of the time.  Especially when I have a nursling (do the math - I've been nursing a baby for nearly 18 years), as much of my time is sitting with those who need me at that time.  But it does give me time to work on lists.  Oh, and what did I do before I had my iPhone?  I can nurse AND work on my list of the day!  What a blessing that thing has been (special thanks to my oldest for convincing me years ago that I "needed" one)!

I seem to have some sort of knack for finding things (information or physical items) on the internet.  Others look and look, become frustrated, and then call me.  So I put that on my list of things to do.  My husband seems to have an endless list of things he would like for me to do, find online, or call about, for him.  Of course, I need to be sure and complete his requests above everyone's, so those go at the top of my "list."

I have my own travel agency, planning Dream Vacations for people.  That takes a good bit of time and attention.  I enjoy it, tremendously, when I get a picture from a family of their vacation, and everyone is blissfully happy.  I love hearing how I made it the best vacation they've ever had.  I just love seeing people happy!

When we built this house, my husband told the children that I wasn't going to clean it alone.  So, I have chore charts.  These often need to be reevaluated, updated, or just plain changed, to suit the situation.  I plan meals by the month, to help me keep my sanity, by KNOWING what I am making for dinner.  It also helps me with my grocery shopping, which I do once a month, other than produce, milk and little "stragglers" I need once a week or so.  Speaking of grocery shopping, I'm a couponer.  Hard-core.  Which takes a lot of time and effort.  It also means that at any time, my life could be interrupted by a double coupon, Super Doubles, or triple coupon event.  But, it saves on my grocery bill. 

My dad has a wonderful diner, and I was pleased to have the opportunity to help him get it up and running nearly 5 years ago.  I love cooking, and enjoy being in the restaurant, but need to be home at this time in my life.  I do, however, still do his bookkeeping, track expenses, compare prices, shop locally for him, and bake the pound cakes. 

Now that I have two grown children, they sometimes have things that they need me to find or send to them.  The list goes on and on. 

I've had folks tell me I should write a book.  I've been privileged to speak for ladies' meetings at different churches.  My life is too boring for a book, and I never seem to have enough time in a ladies' meeting.  This is my way of sharing these little bits of insight.  Use what you can, and disregard the rest :)  So, I'll start working on the series, and you let me know if there's a particular area about which you are curious.

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