Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pinterest...and other addictions

Have you heard of Pinterest?  Are you using it?  I like it a lot it...I think.  If you don't know, it's a type of virtual "corkboard," where I can pin pictures of ideas, and when I click the picture, it leads me to a blog or other website, that gives me instructions on making what's in the picture.  I can see how it could take way too much of someone's time, though.

When I have a nursling, which is at least every other year, I find myself sitting in my chair a LOT.  While I'm there, since I don't watch TV, I find things that I can do on my iPhone. 

I read from Proverbs, or other favorite passages, I go through Facebook and tell friends happy birthday, like some posts, comment on a few, and respond to private messages.  With the last nursling, I played Angry Birds.  I finished all of those, though.  With the one before that, I played Crush the Castle.  At night I like to play Sudoku, to exercise the brain.  But during the day, I go to Pinterest.  I have over 1,000 pins, over 100 followers, and I follow over 100 people.  I really enjoy Pinterest.  I, however, am always concerned that friends will think that I sit in front of my computer all day, pinning away.  I just wanted to clarify, that when I'm on there, it's because I'm feeding the baby. 

As the baby gets older, I'll spend less time looking at the iPhone, and more time looking at him, because he'll be looking at me, and I love that interaction!  I spend lots of time looking at all my babies, but even more so once they realize they can look at me while they eat ;)

I enjoy coffee, chocolate, Pinterest and Facebook, but truly, they aren't things I could live without, like my Bible.  Hopefully, I don't allow anything in my life to become a god, so that I am neglecting my God. 

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